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About Our Practice

About Our Practice

Our Organization

We are a group private practice dedicated to providing excellent mental health and psychological services.

Our Goal

We seek to provide the types of services usually found only in larger facilities, such as a full range of psychological testing, psychiatric services, and counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults.

Furthermore, we seek to keep up with any and all new developments in the field and serve as a training facility for doctoral level psychology students. 

Who we are

Our professional staff is composed of experienced clinicians from several disciplines within mental health.  We believe that the multi-disciplinary approach helps us to provide better services.  You can read about each of our staff members here.

A Beautiful Mind was founded by Linda Monroe, Ph.D. in 2004.  The name was suggested by her son, as it reflected the core goal of the practice. (And yes, we liked the movie and its message). Dr. Monroe was not sure she could register the name, but was able to, as long as she did not plan to make another movie!  

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